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Yes We Can!

(sigh) Congress passed Obamacare, which will increase healthcare spending and, more importantly, taxes by more than $1 trillion. Some have estimated that the real cost of Obamacare to our country is closer to $6 trillion.

Are there problems with healthcare here in the US?

Sure there are.

Is healthcare, and more importantly insurance, kinda goofy in spots?

You betcha.

Do we really need to spend $1 trillion on Obamacare?

Not on your life.

Obamacare is very bad medicine, and, ironically, will cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance, and Medicare will have to be cut back rather severely to help pay for this unnecessary monstrosity.

They Have No Health Insurance

The main raison d’être is that something like 45 million Americans do not have health insurance. That is a flat out, simple, old-fashion lie. Many are illegal aliens who work for cash under the table, and therefore do not have employer-sponsored insurance.  Many are simply unemployed and between jobs, and the lack of health insurance is temporary. Some are young people in their 20’s and 30’s working for low wages in food service: they are strong and virtually immortal, and have little if any health problems or medical bills, so skipping insurance for them makes sense. Others are already eligible for Medicaid, but simply have not applied for it. A few have pre-existing conditions and unable to get insurance at any price.

The Real Solution

Improving insurance coverage for these people is a few simple, one-page bills to fill in the holes. There already exists a solution, for example, for those who have pre-existing conditions: they are called high-risk pools, specifically designed for these types of high-risk medical insurance patients. If they need increased funding, then a bill to subsidize states for them is simple and cheap and easy.

Medical Care is So Expensive!

Here, Democrats are guilty of the old switcheroo: there are 2 distinctly different issues here. We spend 15% of our GDP on healthcare, whereas in other countries this is more like 7%. And, many families cannot afford health insurance. These 2 issues are totally different and not related. Worse, Obamacare does not address either one.

The US spends more $$$ on healthcare, because everyone, including the indigent, has easy access to state-of-the-art medical treatment, and this is not cheap. If families cannot afford healthcare, then simply give them a refundable tax credit on their 1040 income tax form every April. We do not need Obamacare to do this.

Either way, this accusation by Democrats is simply not true.

It Isn’t Free Medical Care

It is surprising to hear how many young people are in favor of Obamacare, because they think that, like food stamps, it is simply free stuff that government will give them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone, including young, strong, immortal 20-year-olds who do no have medical bills, MUST buy health insurance or you will get fined on your 1040. This will cost everyone, including the young, $1000’s each and every year: they are being forced to buy health insurance so that their premiums will subsidize health insurance for old fogies like me who have mucho health problems and insurance costs.

Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Death Panels

Do you know the easiest way to reduce medical costs in the US? 3/4 of all medical spending is on geriatric care, so simply denying grandma that last medical treatment is how to get it done. If she only has a couple of months to live anyway, does it make sense to spend $200,000 for that one last round of geriatric medical care? Under Obamacare, the answer is no. These are the infamous ‘death panels’: sorry, your medical condition is so bad or you are so old, that we hereon deny medical care to you. Some say that these ‘death panels’ do not exist, nor have they ever been a part of the legislation; this is simply not correct. It is true that ‘death panels’ do not exist by that specific name, but there are advisory panels on the EFFICIENT allocation of medical care, and their ‘advice’ is mandatory.

Already, we have seen this effect begin. Pap smears for teenagers and mammographs for women starting at 40 are no longer the standard. The recommendation for these 2 diagnostic procedures have been pushed forward by a few years. Yes, a wise economic move that will save $$$, but will also cause the unnecessary death of untold women each and every year that we do not rescind Obamacare.

In the UK, for example, you will simply not receive medical treatment for heart attacks if you smoke. Old patients rarely, if ever, get hip replacement, the theory being that the same $$$ would be more wisely spent saving premature babies. This sort of bureaucratic reasoning will be coming to a doctor or hospital near you if we do not cancel Obamacare.

Yes We Can! Cancel Obamacare!

I am getting just a wee bit tired of those fellow Republicans who have given up, saying that once a law is passed and bureaucracy put in place, we can never get rid of it, but maybe we can make a few marginal changes here and there.

Horse hockey.

In 1988, Congress passed the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act. It was so dad gum expensive, up to $800 per year for seniors, that the law was overturned, lock, stock and barrel.

So, yes we can reverse Obamacare. Overturn. Rescind. Cancel. Use any word that you wish.


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