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My heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed, volunteered, and supported my campaign. No, I did not win, but you do not have to win the battle to win the war. No, Heaven willing, I will not run for the same seat in 2012. I am keeping this site up for the nonce, since my record of endorsements, pledges I signed, and especially my white papers constitute a valuable resource. So, enjoy, learn, and most of all help out the Republican Party. I am now the official new candidate recruitment and training coordinator on the Alameda County Central Republican Committee. Hopefully, my example has inspired many of you who are way more qualified to run for public office than me. For heaven's sake, if you wish to run, contact me or the Central Committee, sooner rather than later. We currently have a severe shortage of patriotic conservatives who wish to run for public office and do battle with evil Libs. Experience not necessary: we will train. 


Welcome to my campaign web site!

I am running for Congress, the 9th District of California, which includes Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, Emeryville, and Castro Valley.
I am a fiscal and social conservative. I would like to be your Congressman.

Pursue Truth, Defend Liberty.

Big, fat, juicy tax cuts  =  more jobs.


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